Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Day in the Life

I feel the need to blog, but I don't feel like I have lots to write about. Although I manage to avoid boredom, my days aren't exactly exciting these days. Take today, for example. I slept in later than I should (although in my defense, I have been doing better with this lately). I did some things online, like check my email, update my facebook status, read the blogs I follow, chat with some friends on the nest...things like that. After showering and getting dressed, I cleaned the shower. I also went through a couple more boxes in the 2nd bedroom (which is well on its way to being an actual guest room). Shawn came home for lunch, so I hung out with him and ate lunch while he was here. After he left, I spent some time working on my application to begin substitute teaching for another district near here. Then I made my grocery list and headed out. I stopped at Walmart first, where I bought a fake, pre-lit Christmas tree, some other decorations, and our Christmas cards! I'm excited about those. :) Then I went to the grocery store and bought all our groceries for the week. By the way, I've been proud of myself for normally coming in well below budget on our groceries. :)

After the grocery store, I did a few more things online and waited for Shawn to come home. Once he got here, we each had a Lean Cuisine for dinner (we do this on days he has rugby practice). Then I finished crocheting a scarf and decided that I didn't go a good job on it. Since this scarf is actually supposed to be part of a Christmas gift, I decided to make a new one. Most of the crocheting was done while Shawn was gone at rugby practice and while watching House and Fringe, two shows I've begun watching regularly. And now I'm writing this.

Frankly, that's pretty typical of a day for me these days. I've started trying to get out and walk around the lake at least a few days a week. I also finished reading Jane Eyre last week and went to a book club on Sunday afternoon (where I met some nice girls...hopefully this will become a monthly event). I baked some cookies last night. It was only half the recipe, but Shawn and I already finished all of them. This is why I don't bake more often. :) Oh! Shawn and I did get our new driver's licenses in the mail this afternoon! It seems a bit odd to see a Washington state driver's license with my name and picture on it in my wallet.

I think I've already mentioned that my parents will be coming here for Thanksgiving. I've been busy planning out the menu, which is a little scary for me, since most of what I'll be making will be things I've never made before. We also need to have that 2nd bedroom ready for them before they get here, and we also hope to have decorated for Christmas before they come. Since they'll be here next Tuesday afternoon, we should have a busy week ahead of us!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey there! The scarf looks great! I need to learn more about knitting and crocheting, my skills are so horrible. That is great you got a tree and cards and all that. I'm jealous that you have all sorts of time to organize and cook and such! Sounds good. I am getting nervous about having the fam over for Thanksgiving for the first time, too :o) We have to get together again!! Maybe when Thanksgiving is over?