Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Shawn and I aren't really getting into Halloween this year, but we are celebrating it in a couple ways. After we went to the pumpkin patch this past Sunday, we carved our pumpkins Sunday night. I've just been waiting for today to post the pictures. :)

I do enjoy carving pumpkins, but really, I'm not that great at it. I just don't have a whole lot of creativity, and I'm not artistic. So when I carve pumpkins, I try to think of something relatively simple that will end up looking like a normal, carved pumpkin. I think I achieved that this year. I even added a couple pointy teeth to try to make it look a bit more like a vampire (in my nod to Twilight).
Shawn, however, really takes this seriously. He is an engineer, after all, but he's also very creative and actually kinda artistic. He's not exactly content with just making a plain and simple jack-o-lantern. He also doesn't cheat by looking for patterns online. Fortunately, he helped me first by scraping out both pumpkins. Then, he started in on his. How many other people pull out a power drill when "carving" pumpkins?
This is his final product. The red stuff is candle wax that he dripped on the pumpkin and gourd to look like blood. Like my dad pointed out, when we have kids, I know which parent will be helping out with school projects!!

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