Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My First Scarf

I did it! I crocheted a scarf, all by myself. :) A month ago, I had never held a crochet hook, and last night, I finished my first scarf. I may have mentioned before that I used a book recommended to me by my friend Melissa. It's Teach Yourself Visually: Crochet. It took a little trial and error at first to figure out what to do, but then I was able to follow the instructions in the book to figure out how to do a number of different stitches. I decided that the only way I'd ever have a sense of accomplishment with crochet would be if I actually made something, and a scarf seemed simple enough. So...here it is!
A few words of explanation, though. I didn't use a pattern. I found a scarf pattern in the book, but the only thing I took from it was the width of the rows and one of the stitches. Obviously, you can see that I used 2 colors. That's mainly because I assumed I would need more than one skein of yarn, and those were the 2 colors I bought to practice with. The "blocks" each have 16 rows simply because I had done 15 rows in one color when I decided I should use both colors. In order to change yarn, I did one more row. Unfortunately, since I wasn't using a pattern, I had no idea how many rows to do, so I just kept crocheting until I ran out of yarn. And that's how I ended up with this:Yes...it's a bit long. When I wrap it around my neck once, the ends still go down to about my knees. I'm thinking I should give it as a gift to someone taller...like maybe Shaquille O'Neal or Yao Ming.

For my next project, I'll be making another scarf, but this time, I'm planning on following a pattern. My intention is to give it to a friend for Christmas (as part of our "handmade gifts only" gift exchange!), so wish me luck!!


Kim & Ryan said...

It looks SOOOO good. I love it.

LMAO about giving it to Shaq..... hehe. I like long scarves.

I totally want to learn to crochet now.

Carrie said...

Long scarfs are where it's at!! Looks great!

coach75 said...

I love it!! Great job!!!

Emily Ann said...

I love long scarves! It looks great, too!

KellieBelle said...

AWESOME!! Congrats on your first FO (yarn lingo for finished object)!! Long is awesome, just wrap the puppy around a few times and BOOM! Super warm Carrie!!


Hooray for you!! Have you tried the doubled scarf wrap? Where you fold it in half and drape it across the back of your neck, and then tuck the loose ends through the loop from folding it? That may shorten it up a bit, and it keeps your neck nice and toasty under your coat collar. :)