Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things To Do

A month ago today, things were relatively calm in the little town of Evergreen. Shawn and I were doing all the tasks that needed to be complete before the movers came. A month ago tomorrow...the storm hit. The packers came and all our things were sucked into boxes. The next day, everything was loaded onto a truck. And the day after that, I started my drive to Washington.

In the time that we've been living in our apartment, we've gotten lots of things accomplished. In most areas of our apartment, it actually looks like adults live here! (Just don't pay attention to the 3 gaming systems set up next to our television.) Oh! I just realized that I never posted pictures of the mostly finished apartment...let me do that.
Anyways, as the calendar is quickly rushing us towards the holidays, I've realized that we still have a number of very important things that we have to take care of ASAP! As of today, I'm still waiting to get the rest of the information that I need in order to begin substitute teaching in the local school district. Therefore, I'm still not working. So I'll get as much of this stuff done by myself as I can, and Shawn and I will just have to find time to get the rest of it done...probably during his lunch breaks.
Here's what we still need to do:
  • Take some furniture to Goodwill
  • Buy 2 new chairs for the living room (ideally...or we can just keep the loveseat)
  • Driver's license: both Shawn and me
  • New license plates: both Shawn's car and mine
  • Emissions test: both Shawn's car and mine
  • Set up joint bank account (since our old bank doesn't have any branches here)
  • Move all our extra stuff into the storage closet that we were finally able to get, and thereby turn the "junk/storage room" officially into the "guest bedroom" that it's intended to be
  • Oil change: Shawn's car
  • Take my car to mechanic (the check engine light keeps turning on and off)
  • Read Jane Eyre (this one is just for me...I'm going to try to participate in a book club on November 16th)

I'm thinking that list should keep us plenty busy for the next week or two! And considering my parents are coming here for Thanksgiving and will be arriving 3 weeks from yesterday, I'm guessing that I'll have plenty more things to put on my to-do list before they come!


Kim & Ryan said...

Your apt. looks super cute.

Sounds like you are a busy girl!!! =)


Good luck!

And you should watch the Timothy Dalton version of Jane Eyre. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

MyRunningJourney said...

You apartment is so cute! So jealous of your fireplace!! :)

Stephanie said...

i love your new home!! it looks so spacious :) yayyy