Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

I'm not sure why I've fallen behind in blogging lately. I think it's just because I don't really have anything exciting going on these days. Still haven't gotten the info I need to start subbing, so I'm still spending my days as a Stay At Home Wife. Except for that little "no income" detail, I don't mind. :)

So here's an update from the last few days. Last week, we took the furniture to Goodwill, and I sadly discovered that the chairs we wanted to buy are no longer available. I took Shawn's car in for an oil change and an emissions test, but I was told that his car didn't need an emissions test this year. Mine did, however, so I got that done last week, too.

On Friday evening, I went out with a friend! She's a girl that I "met" on the Nest. We discovered during our conversation that we both met our husbands online, so maybe that's why neither of us had a problem meeting someone else that we met through the internet. She was very nice, and I had a good time. Shawn was also excited to learn that her husband likes diving (so maybe he'll have someone to go with now) and that they have a sailboat. :)

Saturday was, of course, a rugby day. But before the game, we stopped by the bank and got our joint accounts set up. We thought that it would be raining all day, but it was actually pretty nice weather! There were two games as usual, and Shawn played in the second game (in this league, the better teams play second), so I sat in the car during the first game and read a little more of Jane Eyre. After the games, we went downtown with the teams to The Owl and Thistle, which is a cute little Irish pub.

Sunday was church, followed by brunch at a restaurant Shawn thought I'd like. It was good! And I think it was our first time going out for brunch since we've moved here. We then spent the afternoon moving stuff into our storage closet. It's not completely finished, but we made a good dent in it, and the room is well on its way to becoming an actual guest bedroom instead of a storage room.

Obviously, we still have some things from our to-do list to work on, but we're getting there!

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