Thursday, October 2, 2008

Phone Saga

Late last night, Shawn sent me a text message. As I was scrolling down to read it, the buttons on my phone suddenly stopped working. I took out the battery, shook the phone, tapped it against the palm of my hand...nothing worked. I figured it was just some glitch in the phone, and it would probably be fine in the morning. When my phone alarm went off, I discovered that I couldn't turn it off. I can only turn it off by pushing a button, and none of the buttons were working! I had to take out the battery to get the alarm to stop.
I'll admit...I was a bit panicked this morning. I normally feel naked without my cell phone anyways (it's my main link to Shawn during the week), but now is not a good time to be without my phone! For one thing, I'll be making a long road trip alone next week (more on that later). And for another thing, my phone is the contact number for all of the movers! I eventually discovered later this morning that I could answer my phone (just by flipping it open), but nothing else was working. This is the model phone that I have.
I drove down the hill to a T-Mobile store. The girl there told me that they couldn't fix it at their store. I could have the company send me a new phone and buy a replacement phone to have while I'm waiting. Or I could go to a store that fixes phones and see if they could help. I got directions to that store and headed over. When I got there, the guy told me that he couldn't fix it. He had taken my phone entirely apart and let me know that my entire keypad was basically fried somehow. To replace it would require replacing basically all the inner workings of the phone. He sent me to a different T-Mobile store that might be able to help me. Off to store #3. The girl there let me know that they couldn't fix it, but that T-Mobile would replace it for free. When I exlained my need to have a phone this weekend, she suggested that I buy a cheap phone at Walmart that's T-Mobile compatible. So I did that, put my SIM card in the cheap phone...and presto! I had a working phone! This same girl also let me know that for $20, I could have the replacement phone rushed to me so that it will arrive here before we leave for Seattle. This is the cheap, $20 phone I bought this afternoon.Unfortunately, I'm not great about saving phone numbers to the SIM card...I just save them to the phone itself. Because the keypad of my phone wasn't working, the girl at the T-Mobile store wasn't able to key in the security access code to get the phone book off my phone. I thought I'd lost a LOT of numbers! Then I realized something. I still have my old phone. You know, the one I'd used for years before Shawn and I got new phones in May. So I charged the battery for that phone, put in my SIM card...and it works just fine. Of course it does! Why wouldn't it? And the best part is that I had stored all those numbers on that old I only lost a few numbers! Of course, this means that I wasted $30 today ($20 for the new, cheap phone and the extra $10 to rush my new phone...I trust this one to last all the way to Seattle). Oh well.

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