Friday, October 3, 2008

And So It Begins

As of today, I think it's safe to say that our move has officially begun. A long time ago, Shawn and I decided that we would drive one car out to Seattle, but we'd ship the other car. There are just quite a few things that we need to bring with us but that we can't put on the moving truck (like cleaning supplies, plants, and fish). So this morning, Shawn's car was put onto a transport truck and began its journey to Washington!
It ended up being an interesting story. I was told a couple days ago that the transport truck couldn't make it very far into our town because our roads are too windy. Although I'm pretty sure the truck could've gotten pretty close to our condo, there's no way it would've made it up our road to our building. The original plan was for me to meet the transport truck at the exit from I-70 in one of the large parking lots there. I agreed to do that, although I was wondering how I'd manage to get myself home after I dropped off the car. I could have walked it, but it probably would've taken me at least a couple hours.

Yesterday, I get a call from a woman at the trucking company, saying that there was a problem. They just learned that there is now a state law in Colorado that says that a truck must have chains available (like, in the cab or something) after September 1st to go into the mountains on I-70. We live in the mountains off I-70. The truck was already almost to Denver and had no chains available.

So here's what we did. The truck driver (a nice guy named Nathan) called me when he got to a truck stop just off I-70 (down the hill). I drove Shawn's car down to said truck stop (about 25 minutes away). Nathan got in Shawn's car, and I drove us back up the hill to our apartment building. At that point, I gave Nathan the key, and Nathan drove Shawn's car back down to the truck stop where his truck was waiting. A little strange, but it all worked out. Once the Montero was put on the transport truck, Nathan was going to head back to I-25, where he could head north to Wyoming, and then take I-80 west, thereby avoiding the mountains in Colorado altogether.

I'm just bummed I didn't get any pictures this morning. I had my camera...I just felt embarrassed at the thought of asking the truck driver if I could take pictures of his truck. :) Oh well. Goodbye, Montero!! See you in Washington sometime late next week!

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