Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My New Hobby!

I've always hated answering the question, "What are your hobbies?" I don't know that I really have any hobbies. There are things that I enjoy watching TV and movies, watching baseball and other sporting events, going hiking and climbing with Shawn, snowshoeing, reading, traveling. Are any of these things really "hobbies," though? In my mind, a true "hobby" will leave a person with something when it's over...a collection, perhaps, or an end product of some sort.

So...I've taken up a new hobby. After being inspired by a few of my online friends, I decided to teach myself how to crochet! People like Melissa and Kellie assured me that it's not difficult, and if I mess up, all I have to do is rip out the stitches and redo that row. Once I decided to try, I thought I should wait until we were in our new apartment. So a couple of weeks ago, I bought myself some crochet hooks and a couple skeins of yarn, and I got this book from the library.So far, it seems relatively straight forward. I've been practicing the various stitches, and although my first few attempts didn't really look very good, I seem to have gotten the hang of it. I decided a day or two ago that it's time to attempt to actually make something (instead of just practicing stitches). I figure that I can't get much easier than a that's what I'm working on. I'm even going to make it two different colors (since I bought two different colors of yarn that first day)! I've actually gotten a little further than this, but here is the beginning of my scarf. You can probably tell from the picture that the stitches got tighter after the first few rows, so the bottom is a little wider than the top. But that's okay...this first project will be for me. :)



Hooray!!! I want to learn to crochet next. I've been knitting my Mom a hat and scarf combo. And I'm planning on doing something for B&X . . . If you come home for Christmas, we can "handicraft" together!! :)

Happy crocheting! It looks *great*!

Kim & Ryan said...

YIPPEE! That looks so good. You are inspiring me. I want to try this.... I hear its quicker than knitting, and knitting is just too slow for me.

Megan A. said...

Awesome! Maybe you could loosen you stitches at the other end when you're almost finished so it looks like you did that on purpose. Haha