Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So Much Going On!

Whew...we've had a lot going on lately! Maui was awesome. Obviously, we paid for the condo and the plane tickets, but once we got there, we were pretty much operating on a budget. Other than food and gas, the only thing we spent money on was a snorkel trip, and even that was pretty inexpensive. So all that's even better that Shawn and I agree that we don't feel at all like we missed out on anything! We spent lots of time on the beach and in the ocean, and we saw oodles of amazing scenery. And the best part, of course, was that we were able to spend an entire week together, just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. I'll try to do a few posts within the next week or so that'll give more specifics about the things we saw and did...and I'll include pictures, of course!

Our flight left Hawaii at 10:00pm on Monday night, and we arrived in Seattle at 6:30 Tuesday morning. Once we got home, poor Shawn had to get changed and go to work...and I took a nap. :) Shawn knew he'd have lots of work to do once his vacation was over, and that's already proving true. I did a little bit of work in Hawaii (with my online teaching), but I really only needed to put in about an hour a day, if that. But when I checked my email on Tuesday afternoon, I discovered that I had been given four more sections and 17 additional students! That may not sound like a lot, but that more than doubled the number of students I had, and there's a lot to do up front when students are enrolled in the class. But between yesterday and today, I feel like I've gotten myself much more organized, and I think I'm making things easier on myself from here on out. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Oh yeah, we had one other major thing happen today. We signed all of our closing paperwork for the house! We've known for awhile that we have a closing date of September 15th, so we were a little surprised when someone called late last week to set up an appointment to sign all the paperwork. Both Shawn and I had it in our heads that we would sign all our paperwork and pay the rest of our down payment on the same day as closing. I've seen it on HGTV...everyone sitting at one big table, signing documents, and at the end of it, the keys are handed to the new homeowners. But apparently, that's not the way things are done, at least not in Washington. A notary came to our apartment this afternoon, and our loan officer was nice enough to come, too, to help explain things to us. Shawn and I spent two hours signing our lives away, and at the end of it.....well, nothing really happened. It was rather anticlimactic. But we've been told that we've done everything we need to do, and the only thing left is for the deed to be transferred and for our realtor to hand us our keys! That will still happen on the official closing Tuesday.

Like I said....we've had a lot going on this week! It's a good life. :-)

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