Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Close...Yet So Far

Today is September 15th...Closing Day!! Shawn and I have been getting really excited for this, especially over the last few days. We've been looking at appliance prices and picking out paint colors. We've been making extensive to-do lists and trying to prioritize those. Last night, around 9:00, we looked at the time and made the comment, "By this time tomorrow, we should be homeowners!" We were actually up past midnight, and shortly after 12:00, I said to Shawn, "We're becoming homeowners today!"

I think I jinxed us.

We had been told that the funds should transfer before 11:00am. Once the funds transferred to the Escrow company, the process would begin to get the deed recorded. We were estimating that it would be between 4 and 5pm when our realtor would get the call saying that our deed was recorded and she would legally be allowed to give us the keys. She was planning to take us out to dinner to celebrate, and then we were going to head on over and bask in the glory of our new home.

Change of plans.

Our realtor called me just after noon. She had just been informed that we wouldn't be closing today. Apparently, the seller (which is the bank who owns the foreclosure) needs some information from the HOA before they can sign their documents. However, they haven't been able to get in touch with the HOA, and therefore, they haven't signed their documents. Therefore...we don't get our keys. No closing.

What's especially bizarre is that nobody knew they hadn't signed. Our lender attempted to wire the funds this morning, and the escrow company essentially sent it back, saying, "Sorry, the seller hasn't signed. We can't take the money." Once that happened, our loan officer called our realtor to let her know. Our realtor called the listing agent to ask what was up, and even the listing agent didn't know about it! I'm not sure how that happens.

So...it's frustrating. At this point, we have no idea how long this will be delayed. They could sign and we could close tomorrow, or it could be another week. We're definitely keeping our fingers crossed for getting the keys sometime before the weekend! There's just a lot of stuff we want to do before the official move, and this weekend is really the only big chunk of free time we'll have between now and the end of our apartment lease. So here's hoping I have good news to share soon!

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