Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doughnuts on Saturday Morning!

Shawn got up about 30 minutes before me today. When I came out of the bedroom, I couldn't find my husband! Turns out, he'd gone down to Mill Creek to get me a doughnut! (Granted, this was partially because he finished the cereal, meaning that there was nothing left in the apartment for me for breakfast...but still.)

There's this relatively new place that I've been wanting to try, called Frost Doughnuts, and I was telling Shawn the other day that I've heard they have an interesting flavor. Smoky Maple Bacon Bars. Now I'll be honest...I really like maple doughnuts. And bacon is pretty high on my list of all-time favorite foods. But something about putting bacon ON a doughnut made me a little nervous. So although I was thrilled that Shawn was sweet enough to go get me a doughnut for breakfast on a Saturday morning, I wasn't convinced that I was going to like this:
But I have to was pretty darn good! The bacon flavor did a good job of cutting through the sticky sweetness of the maple cream. I'm just glad that there was no filling inside the doughnut...that would've been too much. The texture threw me off a little, because you got the slight crispiness of bacon along with the chewiness of the doughnut and the creaminess of the maple. So if you find yourself in Mill Creek, it's worth a stop at Frost Doughnuts to try this or one of their other creative recipes!

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