Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My confession

I already admitted on here that we didn't take down most of our Christmas decorations until February 1st. What I didn't mention at that time was that the decorations were still in our living room. So my confession for today...they're still in our living room. This is the pile of boxes that has been sitting, full of decorations, next to our door for over two weeks now. I swear, I'm taking it all down to our storage unit this afternoon. Or maybe I'll wait until Shawn gets home (after work and the gym) and do it while we're waiting for the roast to finish cooking in the crock pot. But seriously...they're all being put away today. Really.

(I'm actually really hoping that posting this on the blog will somehow give me that extra little boost of motivation that I need. You can help keep me accountable, right?)

1 comment:

Emily Ann said...

Well, if it helps, you aren't alone. I still have a box sitting in my dining room with our outdoor wreaths in it. :-)