Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Slowly might remember that before Christmas, I was crocheting. I had used a book and some online tutorials to teach myself how to crochet, and I managed to make a couple of scarves. Two of them are now sitting in my closet, and two of them were sent out as Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, that is the extent of my finished crochet projects.

However, I really do have good intentions of continuing to crochet! I think my current problem is that I chose a project that is going to take quite a long time, and I tend to do my crocheting in spurts. I might spend a few hours working on it one night, and then I won't pick it up again for a week. This week, I have been trying to do a little more crocheting and a little less reading. (What I really need, I think, is audiobooks that I could listen to while I'm crocheting...I need to think about that a little more.)

So what is this project I've been slowly working on since sometime in early January? It's a blanket. Here is what I have so far:
As you can see, it's a very simple blanket. Not really much of a pattern...just lots and lots of raspberry colored yarn. In case you can't get an idea of the scale, I could probably stop soon and have a decent-sized baby blanket. But I want to make it something that Shawn and I could actually use when we want to snuggle up on the couch and watch TV. As of right now, it's definitely still wider than it is long, so I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. Once I finish with the raspberry color, it will get trimmed in a different color, using a different stitch.


Melissa said...

Great job Carrie! keep it up. I think the audio books are a good idea. I crochet alot watching tv.

When I make big blankets, I use a double crochet stitch and I use two strands of yarn together with a larger hook. It makes the blanket work up very quickly.

KellieBelle said...

Mel's not lying about her big fat 'larger' hook! hehehe
I think you're doing great!!! I just finished a baby blanket and it took me about a month because I would put it down for several days and not touch it. Your blankie is going to be awesome!


That's lovely! You're making way more progress than I am on Eilidh's blanket!! (I'm sorry, but the kid is going to be called "eyelid" for the rest of her life.)

Please post your finished pics. I'm excited to see them.

Too bad you're not out here. The Summit County library has this colossal collection of audiobooks. I download them to my ipod to listen to them while I work out and while I knit. And I also use Teaching Company lectures. I'm listening to a fab series on Bach right now. Mmmmmmmmm . . . Bach . ...