Thursday, January 28, 2010

We Should Call Him Stinker

Our little puppy is approximately seven and a half pounds.  He's just a little fella.  But oh my gosh!!  Sometimes, he really stinks!

We first discovered this on Sunday.  When we met the woman from the rescue, both this pup and his brother smelled a bit.  She explained that they had both pooped in the crate on her way to meet us, but she had cleaned them up as best she could.  After picking up the puppy, we started the drive home.  Going up I-5, I had him on my lap, but he was getting a bit restless.  Shawn was driving, but he said he didn't mind if the puppy came over to him for a bit.  After a couple minutes, I looked over to see the pup standing with his front paws on the door, his back paws on Shawn's arm....and poop landing on Shawn.  And it just kept coming!  Neither of us could really believe that a dog this small could possibly have that much poop!  We got off at the next exit and got a bunch of napkins from McDonald's to clean it up as best we could.....but the smell in the car for the rest of the day was nasty!

We've also discovered that this little pooch farts.  A lot.  Often in his sleep.  We've talked about the possibility of keeping candles nearby or getting heavy-duty air freshener.  If nothing else, I seriously may need to start keeping a book of matches around.  It's almost impressive how strong his bodily odors are.

We still haven't 100% decided on a name.  Maybe we should call him Stinker.


Heather said...

I should not laugh but thanks for the laugh this morning.

MeganElise said...

It sounds weird but for the farting try giving him a tablespoon of plain low fat yogurt with his food everyday. It honestly really helps. Oh and stick to dry food too (it's better for them anyway, I've noticed my dog get really stinky if we give her wet food.

MyRunningJourney said...

Don't you hate that?! As crappy as it is, it's perfectly normal for some dogs, especially puppies. Blakely was a very gassy puppy, but it got better over time. Her farts are now few and far between, so there is hope for the little guy! :-)

KellieBelle said...

he he. We call Mickey our 'poopy puppy' I think they would be great friends!
Seriously, I bet him digestive tract will settle a bit once you have him eating the same food regularly and on a regular schedule. It makes a HUGE difference! Also, they have pet wipes at Target (think baby wipes for dogs). I totally keep some around.....even keep the travel baby wipe plastic thing stocked when we travel!


Oh no!! Stinker sounds pretty fitting! When you have him at the vet, try asking about food. We found with Charlie that he stank less and got fewer ear infections when we changed to a high quality lamb and rice food because he was actually allergic to what we were feeding him. Grocery store brands (even the ones that claim to be "natural") have a lot of crap in them (you'll excuse the expression). And then the puppy does too. HA!! HAHAHA!! I made a funny. Oh, and charcoal biscuits help with the stinkies too. Sounds nasty, but puppies will eat anything as long as they think it's a treat! :)