Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our New Addition!

On Sunday, Shawn and I drove down to Tacoma.  Our final destination was actually a McDonald's parking lot...where we met a young woman who runs a dog rescue organization!

I'll back up a bit.  Two weekends ago, Shawn and I had thought about going to an "adoption event" in Seattle, but he ended up having to work so we couldn't go.  I knew that this organization was bringing a litter of black lab puppies to the event, but I figured that all the puppies would get snatched up at that event.  I checked PetFinder on Sunday night, and it turned out that they still had two puppies available!  After talking it over, Shawn and I decided to go ahead and fill out an application for one of them.  We found out on Tuesday that they liked our application!

So we drove to Tacoma on Sunday to meet the pups.  I have to admit that we were a bit tempted to take both of them (it was so sad to watch the other little guy go back in his crate without his brother!), but we ended up with this one!  We're guessing, based on the markings on his face/chest, he's probably a black lab/border collie mix, and he's currently 11 weeks old.

As I'm writing this....we still haven't decided on a name.  We're stuck between Satchel and Crash.  Satchel is the name of the dog in the Get Fuzzy comic strip (which we love), and it's also a nod to Satchel Paige (the first African-American pitcher in the majors, who just happened to start his MLB career with the Cleveland Indians).  Crash is just super fitting for this pup, who tends to lumber around, knocking into things.

I'm hoping that this will give me more to blog about.  :)  But truthfully, he's also taking up quite a bit of my time!  So I may have less time to actually do the blogging. 

He eats a LOT!!  Seriously, I'm amazed at how much food this tiny boy can put away in a given day.

This is his Kong chew toy.  A couple people told me about these, so we picked one up at PetSmart on our way home on Sunday.  I've since learned that they're actually made in Denver!

This has very quickly become his absolute favorite place to take a nap!  We may never be able to put Shawn's carry-on away.


Stephanie said...

what a cutie! congrats

Ashlee Wetherington said...

yay!!! my sister has a black lab/border collie mix and he is a great dog. he's such a lover. he does have a little agression towards other dogs, but if you socialize him a lot when he's young you shouldn't have issues with that (and of course, it could just be morris, not the breed). you're going to be such great doggie parents :) i'm so happy for you!


He's just adorable!! You'll just have to explain to Shawn that, not only can he not put his carry-on away, he simply can't travel. Where would he go without a carry-on?

MyRunningJourney said...

So cute!!!!