Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Offers

I already mentioned in rather great detail that Shawn and I put an offer on a house last week. Our offer technically expired on Monday night, but we didn't hear anything from the bank until this afternoon. But I'll get to that in a minute...

Yesterday, after talking with our realtor, we decided to go look at a few more houses. One was actually a short sale (which wasn't mentioned on the listing...darn sneaky realtors!). We looked at it anyways, even though we're not really interested in going that route because of our time frame, and it was...interesting. The kitchen was beautiful! I would love that kitchen someday. But these people literally took over most of the original "living room" space when they redid the kitchen. Then they turned most of the one-car garage into a living room. But they left the garage door on, and part of the original garage is still there for storage space behind the drywall of the living room. So bizarre.

Another house we looked at was owner occupied, and it was just extremely outdated. We would've had to update lots of stuff, including some wall and ceiling repair in the lower level.

And the third house we looked at was another bank owned. There's great curb appeal and a big backyard with a deck. There will eventually need to be some updates, but nothing that would have to be done before moving in...except installing appliances. So...we put out another offer! We talked about it with our realtor for quite awhile, and again, if the bank takes our offer, it's just a good financial deal.

Going back to the original house we put an offer on, we finally heard back from the bank today. They've decided not to accept ANY of the offers they received! Instead, they want any interested parties to re-offer, and they officially changed the "listing". Basically, they're now offering to list for the original listing price but without doing any repairs, or they'll list it for quite a bit more but include some repairs. Shawn and I will need to talk about what we want to do on this one. I know that we like the place, but I'm pretty sure we'd need to up our offer by a pretty decent chunk. Like I said, we just need to talk about it. But if we're going to put another offer on it, we have to do it tonight so that our realtor can submit it first thing in the morning...because that's the new "cut off" for offers.

So...that's where we are right now. We need to decide if we want to put another offer on house #1, and I don't know when we might hear back about house #2. In the meantime...we're about to head out to drive by a place or two. Who knows...maybe we'll put an offer on house #3 soon! (Ugh...this doesn't seem to be the way these things go on House Hunters.)


Kim said...

House hunting in real life is so stressful. But, it's all worth it. Can't wait to hear what you decide.

What a strange thing - to not accept ANY of the offers.

carrie @ brick city love said...

Our home buy experience wasn't anything like you see on TV either. TV is magic. Hang in there, it doesn't last forever (although it sometimes feels like it will).