Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Month Ahead's August! Where has 2009 gone?! I was just thinking this morning that this is shaping up to be a pretty busy month for us. Here's what's going on:

1.) Maybe buying a house! We should hear today whether our offer has been accepted by the bank. I'll be gut feeling right now is that we won't get it. We learned on Saturday that the bank received NINE offers on this house!! I guess that should make us feel good that there were at least 8 other people who also thought it was a good financial decision. :) If our offer is accepted, then that means that we need to start the process of inspection, appraisal, etc. If our offer isn't accepted, then we get to go look at more houses...and hopefully find another one to put an offer on!

2.) My new job technically starts today. At least, my online training for my new online teaching job starts today. I checked last night, and I do have access to the class. There was some confusion late last week about my references, but I was told that I couldn't start the training if they couldn't track down my it seems to have been taken care of! The training is scheduled to last two weeks, and I actually get paid for up to 10 hours a I guess I should plan on spending two hours a day doing it? I'm not sure yet when my actual teaching will start. It should be sometime in late August or early September. (I'm hoping for September 8th or later because of #4 on my list here.)

3.) My parents are coming for a visit! Mom and Dad arrive next Wednesday afternoon and will be here for a week. Fortunately, they mentioned months ago that they'd be interested in going to look at houses with us if the timing worked out, so they may get their wish! Or they'll be able to see the "before" state of the house if our offer is accepted. :) We'll also get to do more "touristy" stuff with them since the only other time they've been to Washington is when they were here for a quick visit over Thanksgiving. Of course, that also means that I've got lots of cleaning and preparing to do before they get here!

4.) Hawaii!!! We leave for Hawaii in 4 weeks. 28 days. Yes, I realize that most of our Hawaii trip will take place in September, but we do leave for (and will arrive in) Maui on August 31, so it counts. :) Besides, any pre-trip prep will obviously need to be done in August.

So...yeah. I think we have enough "stuff" going on to keep us busy during the next month! Hopefully that also means that I'll have some interesting things to blog about! :)

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