Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Weekend

I really have no idea why I haven't been blogging very much lately. Other than the fact that not much is going on these days, I don't have a good explanation! I haven't even posted any other info about our trip to Oregon a couple weeks ago, and for that, I apologize.

This weekend's been pretty good. On Friday night, Shawn and I went to his rugby team's End-of-Season banquet. This seems to be a fairly traditional thing for rugby clubs to do. So Friday afternoon, Shawn came home a little early from work. We got all dressed up, which is always fun to do. I had to pick up Shawn's suit on Friday afternoon, since he had to have it altered. This is the suit that we bought Shawn last April. If you haven't noticed from the pictures on this site over the last year or so, Shawn has lost quite a bit of weight, and the suit was too big. I'm not sure about the jacket, but the tailor had to take in Shawn's pants seven inches at the waist! We had a good time at the banquet, which was held at a rowing club on Lake Union, across the lake from downtown Seattle. Unfortunately, we didn't take our camera, so the only picture we have from Friday night is one of me at home before we left.

On Saturday, we spent the day being lazy at home, and then in the evening, we got together with some friends from church. All the guys went to one house for a poker night, and all the girls went to another house for a girls' night in. I don't know much about what went on at the guys' house, other than the fact that they each brough their own meat to grill, and Shawn lost $20. At the girls' night, we basically just sat around with a bunch of food and chatted all night long. It was actually quite fun. :)

Today, we got up early (for a Sunday, at least) and went to 8:00am Mass. After swinging through the McDonald's drive thru for breakfast, Shawn dropped me off at home before heading out for a rugby game. Of course, I normally go to all the games, but this one was a little different. First of all, it was a 90-minute drive just to get to the town where it's being played. And the game doesn't really "count" for anything...Shawn's team is simply playing the regional college "all-stars" team to help the college guys get ready for a tournament they'll be playing in soon.

And that's pretty much our weekend! I'm very excited about this week, since it's my last week of teaching! The teacher I've been subbing for will be back in the building on Friday, so she and I will actually overlap by a day. I'm definitely ready to stop waking up at 5:00am every morning!

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