Sunday, April 3, 2011

Small Projects

I've had a list of projects that I'm hoping to get done around the house soon.  We spent some time today at Lowe's, buying some supplies, and we also did a few small things.  Here's our list of projects (some obviously bigger than others):
  1. Paint and redecorate the "pink room." 
  2. Hang art in dining room.
  3. Install curtain rod and hang curtains in the living room.
  4. Put up shelf in the living room.
  5. Power wash and stain back deck.
  6. Purchase and plant some new flowers in the front flower beds (where we planted annuals last year and therefore have some "holes").
  7. Pull weeds and put down mulch in the front flower beds.
  8. Work on backyard (fertilize, get rid of weeds and moss, and/or lay down some sod).
  9. Have drainage issue in the back/side yard fixed.
A couple of these items were started today (and one was already finished), so I'll try to post some updates soon!

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