Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why blog?

It's been a solid month since I last posted on this blog.  Wow.  That's pretty pathetic.

But here's the question....has anyone noticed?   Hm.

I guess the real question needs to be...why do I blog?  I certainly don't do it to make money (since I have no ads posted and I'm not doing anything special to up my readership or to get sponsors).  I don't really expect that strangers will be interested in following my blog for the sake of being entertained by my style of writing.  I initially started the blog as a place where friends and family could be updated quickly and easily about the things going on in our lives...but I'm not sure who actually reads this.

Part of the reason that I've enjoyed blogging is simply because I like writing things out.  If nothing else, this blog has been a diary of sorts for me over the last couple years.  And for that reason, I would like to continue to blog.  At least until I get back in the habit of blogging, I think I'll aim to post once a week.  If I post more than that...well, good for me.  :-)


Heather said...

I read it. I like keeping up with you and doggie :)

Katie said...

I noticed :-)

I've asked myself the same question, "Why blog?" In Dave's family, people don't call each other so much as they read blogs. So I started our blog as a way to keep connected with the family. I have struggled a bit in keeping up to date on it, but I find that it's a good exercise in creative writing as well as a way to keep the family informed.

And my 101 in 1001 on the blog has been good for me. Not that I've made a tremendous amount of progress, but it has been a motivating factor to changing things in my life.

Keep up the blogging!

Katie said...

Oh, and you can use the free feature on www.sitemeter.com to spy on your readers ;-)

carrie said...

I read it.

Susanna said...

Katie & Carrie - I read both your blogs, mainly to keep up on people I knew in my previous life. I tried blogging about a vacation so that I wouldn't have to repeat the same stories. I ended up doing that anyway, since relatives didn't read the blog. :-)

Stephanie said...

i love keeping up with you :) but i keep up with you on the nest more often... i have wondered where your posts were! glad you're back.