Friday, January 14, 2011

Satchel's latest "trick"

This is a Kong.  Satchel has one of these, and he loves it.  If you're not familiar with these babies, they're made of a hard rubber and make awesome chew toys.  This particular Kong is also hollow in the center, and the idea is to fill that center area with treats.  I'll admit that I spoil our pup, and I typically give Satchel a Kong every day.  I make myself a PB&J for lunch, and then I grab his Kong, put some "Buddy Biscuits" in there, and then add some peanut butter. 

For the longest time, he would just sit there with the Kong, licking and licking until he managed to get out all of the peanut butter and the treats.  Now, however, he's gotten smart.  After he's gotten out most of the peanut butter, he takes the Kong to the top of the steps...and sends it bouncing down the stairs.  He's figured out that this often makes the treats pop out.  Sometimes, he'll find the empty Kong, take it to the top of the stairs, and drop it, just hoping that maybe something will magically pop out.  Or maybe he likes the sound of it...who knows?

I've just finished with my lunch.  I'm guessing there must be a piece of treat stuck in the Kong, because he's currently downstairs.  I can hear him picking up the Kong and dropping it onto the wood floor, over and over again.  It amuses me.  And Satchel, apparently.


Heather said...

Sounds cute. He is one smart doggy.

Herr Harold and Heir said...

hilarious! Dogs are amazing! We all want to meet Satchel! :)