Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Weekend Update

I know, I know....3 posts in less than a week!!  I figured I'd give a quick update of our weekend.  You know, now that it's almost Wednesday.  :-)

On Saturday, we had grand plans to be super productive.  My mom is coming to town on Thursday, and I have a long list of things I'd like to get done before she gets here.  We ended up doing pretty much nothing all day.  It was a gray, cool, drizzly day, and we spent lots of time watching TV, playing with the dog, surfing the internet, and playing video games (Shawn...not me).  It was pretty darn nice, if I'm being honest.

Saturday night, we headed downtown and went to our first baseball game of the season!  I'm a bit ashamed that it took us this long to get down there, but it's hard to get downtown during the week, and we often do have other plans on the weekend.  I knew that the Mariners were home this weekend, so we decided to just get the cheapest tickets available and enjoy a little baseball and a hot dog.  Our tickets were $10 each, and really, the seats weren't that bad!  We agreed that we'd be okay getting those seats again (bleachers in center field).  Since it was a rainy day, we even had our first experience watching baseball under the roof.  If you didn't know, Safeco Field has a roof that is normally kept open, but it can be slid across the stadium if/when it's raining.  The stadium isn't completely closed when the roof is closed, so the wind can still come in a bit...but all of the seating areas are covered by the roof, and it would have to be a pretty strong wind for the rain to blow in (which really doesn't happen all that often here).

The game was quite the battle of mediocrity...the Mariners lost to the Kansas City Royals, 2-1.  But we enjoyed ourselves anyways.

On Sunday, we did some cleaning, and I did some grocery shopping.  Our next door neighbor had organized a potluck/party for everyone on our street, so we headed to the other neighbor's driveway in the afternoon.  Not a whole lot of people came, but it was nice to have a chance to get to know some of our neighbors a little better (including the Sheriff who lives down the street...not a bad guy to make friends with!).

And that's about it for our weekend!

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